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World Championship beckons Marisa Campaign

Hi Every Buddy

I am writing this appeal on behalf of my kindhearted darling daughter, Marisa.

Like all typical eleven-year-old girls she loves make-up, movies and hanging out with friends.

My husband, Marisa and I form a "somewhat" normal lower middle-class South African Family.

I say somewhat because although my hubby(a WOF inspector) and Marisa are perfectly normal they are faced with some daily challenges. You see I am not entirely "normal" even though I have not been diagnosed with any condition during my 46 years, I suffer from some abnormal muscle development similar to Cerebral Diplegia. 

As a result Marisa grew up a little differently.....
I could never carry her around with me and could only hold her while seated because I tend to fall often. I even fell thrice during my pregnancy. I remember people smiling at us as she walked into the clinic for her twelve month shots. She was walking in by herself, holding me by the hand. I am an educator and I really wanted her to learn how to move and use her body to the fullest. It turned out that God blessed Marisa with astounding talent, including showmanship, flexibility and balance. We  enrolled her with a dance studio at the age of two and by the time she turned five she was chosen by Dance Star International to Represent South Africa in Croatia. Unfortunately, we were unable to raise the funds needed for her to attend, with a chaperone.

As you may or may not know, South Africa can be as violent as it is beautiful. 
We suffered two traumatizing break-ins at our home and my father was murdered during a third, at his home when Marisa was 4. My sister moved to NZ ,but we really wanted to stay. This country  is our only home. As a family we decided that Marisa needed to learn how to defend herself in threatening situations. At the tender age of six years we enrolled her for Kickboxing and Karate classes, wide eyed she entered the dojo, and took to martial arts like a duck to water.

Thanks to her God given talent, hard work an warrior spirit she truly "floats like a Butterfly and stings like a bee" and her kicks pack a punch. She is turning twelve this December and during the past six years she competed in several regional, provincial and national championships earning 63 Gold, 56 Silver and 8 Bronze medals as well as SARMAF ( South African Ryu-Kyu Martial Arts Federation) National Colors twice and (Sansei) Goyu Ryu (her affiliated style) National Colors five times. Her hard work and consistent performance has earned her a place in the South African team that will compete at the World Karate Championship to be held in Frankfurt, Germany in October of 2024.

Marisa is super exited this will be her first time in an airplane, her first time staying in a hotel and her first visit to a foreign country. 

In order to travel to Frankfurt and participate in the tournament we need to accumulate R100000 (roughly 5320 Dollars, 4872 Euros or 4240 Pounds. ( Plane ticket R30000, Accommodation R40000, SA Branded Gear/Clothing R14000 and R16000 for meals, etc.)     

If, by God's grace, we pull this of she will be the first member of her immediate family to fly abroad, represent her country or visit the country of her heritage. She is one of 20 competitors in the South African team and, to the best of our knowledge, one of only two primary school children chosen to make the 10 day trip.

Representing one's country is the dream of many if not all young children no matter what field they shine in and can potentially open many doors to myriad future opportunities for education and untold others.

If you can find it in your hearts please assist us in realizing this dream of our Iron Butterfly.


Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 906.50

Donor Messages

I donated $5 NZD (R50.00). I want to dare other expats to do the same.
Go get them Marisa! 😊 Alles van die beste.
I challenge everyone @ Naledi Test Station to match or better my donation
Baie sterkte. Gee hulle n SA klappe
Baie baie sterkte. Saam met julle trots.

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