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Cataract extraction and intraocular lens Campaign

Vernon Hunt is 53 and my husband. He is in desperate need of a cataract extraction and lens implant in his right eye. He does not have a medical aid and the State Hospital informed him that it could take years before they could assist. He is now completely blind in the right eye. His only income is from his mobile car wash. I have sent the Doctor's letter (Dr Booysen, an Opthalmologist,  Kimberley, South Africa)  and quotation for the operation to BackaBuddy, but for some reason they are not displaying it on this fundraising request page. As soon as the funds are raised, Vernon will be booked in for the operation. It would make a significant difference, as he is now struggling to do the detailed cleaning required on the vehicles, which directly affects his income. Night time driving is also a big issue now as his left eye is very sensitive to light from other vehicles. As per the doctor's quotation, the funds required are R25 469,93. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

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