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Jayden Solomons Funeral Campaign

Good day folks.

I’m Ivor Swartz.

On Thursday 31 August, we woke up to the shocking news that one of the youngest members in our family, Jayden Solomons died by suicide at the tender age of twelve (12). 

He was found hanging in the room he slept in. 

Jayden had a deeply troubling upbringing. 

His mother has an ongoing struggle with drug addiction. 

His father is currently in prison.

The couple that took “care” of Jayden exploited his government social grant for their own alcohol addiction. Jayden was set up for failure from the get-go.


Myself and his two aunts spoke to social services, we had a plan to get Jayden out of his environment. Jayden was going to visit Nadine (my wife) and I for the upcoming September school holidays. We were going to show him around Pretoria and Joburg, take him places, to open his imagination, to dream about a life that could be; a life worth fighting for. We were going to try and put him in a boarding school up here so that he won’t have to surrender top the life he was forced to live.

Sadly, that will not happen.

Jayden is not the first nor the last child who choose such a tragic ending to their stories. 

Suicide sucks.

Suicide at such a young age is the worst.

Yet, this is where we are now as a family- during the month of World Suicide Prevention Day!

Please help us in raising funds for his funeral. To give Jayden a dignified burial. To scream against the neglect of young people in communities. To share hope amidst the sadness!

We’ve managed to get the funds upfront from a donor, whom we will repay out of the funds raised. This is to secure that the funeral can go ahead as planned, without having to wait to get donations released.

grace & peace

i v o r


Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

Donations to date

R 24 994.09

Donor Messages

God bless you abundantly!
So ‘n tragiese en hartseer einde. Rus Sag. Rus in Vrede
We pray for the family during this trying time.
My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. This is so sad, that kids at such a young age have these thoughts. Things need to change drastically and fast, for our children to live in a safe and peaceful home and community.
We're thinking of you and your family, Ivor and Nadine. We love you!

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