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Transport for Douleuo 61366 Campaign

Ewalt and Anrie Steyn have been family friends for more the 20 years, they are also full-time missionaries in Kimberly at Lerato Park, and they still have 2 cute little bundles of joy staying with them.


This great family desperately needs a vehicle. They did have one, but as of few years it has spent more time being fixed than working, since then their transport has consisted of a bicycle.


They have been using the bicycle to drop the kids at school, do grocery shopping as well as weekly check-ins with their church members, and occasionally drop off donations which usually consist of bibles, ministry material, and food parcels.


Eventually, they had to remove the youngest girl from the kindergarten garden, since it was impossible to drop off both kids on time for school because their schools were in opposite directions.


To give you a better idea of the distance travelled the closest shop is approximately 12km from their house the girl's schools are 5 km north and 7km south of the house, so in 1 week they would travel about 250km between shops, schools, and the ministry.


We are hoping to get them a brand new Bakkie (Pickup truck), for a few reasons but the main reason is a new vehicle will give them a few years of good service before they need to start replacing parts.


The biggest impact this will have on the family is that both the girls can go to school and Ewalt and Anrie can start paying attention to some of the other problems that also need fixing. They will also be able to reach their church member faster as well as spread the gospel even wider.


All funds will go directly to the family and will be used as follows: to purchase a brand new Bakkie, the vehicle will also need to be rubberized to help protect the back from rust and general damage, the vehicle will also need a canopy to help protect the products and materials that they need to transport.


This also includes a year of insurance since they, unfortunately, say in an area that is prone to crime, the insurance will help them have some assurance that in the worst case, they will be covered and will be able to get a new vehicle. If in case there is funds left after all this is done, all remaining funds will go for any unexpected expenses.


Fundraising target

R 700 000.00

Donations to date

R 483.80

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