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A Desperate Plea for a New Beginning - A Man & his Dog

Dear Donor's

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. I am writing to share a story that has touched my heart deeply, and I believe that with your help, we can make a significant difference in the life of a man and his loyal companion, who have fallen on the hardest of times.

Meet LP and his faithful dog, Bronbon. They are currently living in their car, having lost everything they once held dear. Circumstances have left them without a roof over their heads, and they're struggling to find even the most basic necessities like food and a daily shower.

LP is a man who has known the pain of loss and the weight of despair. He once had a home, a job, and dreams of a brighter future. However, life's unpredictable twists have brought him to this heartbreaking moment of helplessness. He is a soul weathered by life's storms, a man who had lost more than he dared to remember.

Bronbon, his four-legged companion, has stood by LP's side through thick and thin. Their bond is unbreakable, a source of solace in the midst of their trials. Bronbon's eyes, once bright with hope, now mirror the weariness and uncertainty that LP carries in his heart.

At night in the car, huddled against the cold, breath forming misty clouds in the frigid air. Bronbon, his faithful companion, lay beside him, eyes dim with weariness but still holding a glimmer of hope.

Once, they had known warmth and comfort, but now their world had shrunk to the confines of this battered vehicle. Their bellies are empty, and the scent of desperation hangs heavy in the air.

Nights are the hardest, the darkness a suffocating cloak that wrapped around them. LP would hold Bronbon close, whispering promises of better days, though the words felt hollow even to his own ears. Sleep came fitfully, dreams filled with fractured images of the life they once knew.

They were adrift, two lost souls seeking refuge in a world that had turned its back.

In the fading light of the day, LP and Bronbon would find solace in each other's company, knowing that they were not defined by the losses they had endured, but by the strength and love that carried them forward.

I believe that every person deserves a chance at a fresh start, a glimmer of hope to guide them out of the darkness. This is where your kindness and generosity can make a world of difference.

For in the heart of every ending lies the seed of a new beginning, waiting to bloom.

I have set up a GoFundMe campaign to provide LP and Bronbon with the assistance they desperately need to regain their footing. Your donation, no matter the size, will go directly towards securing temporary shelter, providing them with nutritious meals, and aiding LP in his search for stable employment.

Your support will not only provide immediate relief, but it will also serve as a beacon of hope, reminding LP and Bronbon that they are not alone in their struggle.

Together, we can offer them a chance at a brighter tomorrow. Your compassion can help rewrite the next chapter of their lives, filled with promise, purpose, and the warmth of a community that cares.

Thank you for taking the time to read their story, and for considering a donation to their cause. Your kindness is a powerful force that can bring about real change.

With heartfelt gratitude,



Fundraising target

R 60 000.00

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R 794.51

Donor Messages

Philippians 4v19 My God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Tania Evershed
Through many tough times as a single mom, I have found God to be my source of strength and hope, even when I felt like giving up. I pray God draws close to you Lp and Bronbon. Know that He is faithful.
This man deserves the help, he has helped me in the past and I can vouch for him!!!

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Anonymous donated R 500 via A man and his dog
30 Sep 2023 R 500
Tania Evershed donated US $ 6 via A man and his dog
21 Sep 2023 US $ 6