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Liam bike accident Campaign

Hi everyone my name is Jade and I have decided to try and raise a fundraiser for my fiancé Liam, Friday night on 15 September Liam was involved in a horrible bike accident one in which we did not have insurance on but two luckily we had medical aid.


He is currently sitting in the ICU ward (now he is home after these past 2 weeks).


This past month  have been the hardest days of our entire lives. From  the accident scene he was rushed to Hospital A  where they had to stop internal bleeding, a punctured lung, damaged liver fractured wrist, and a very bad damaged leg which was causing a clamp on hes main archery going down on hes leg.


They had to remove his spleen which was causing the internal bleeding , the liver was just scraped so it will heal on its own and they then put a pipe by his left chest wall to drain out from the lung. He then being rushed to hospital B because they noticed that his main artery was being clamped down from the injuries in his leg and was not getting any blood flow. Doctors were so amazing they were able to save the leg and allow for blood flow to go through.


lacerations on both his hands

He fractured his left wrist and broke his knuckles

His spleen was removed

He has a punctured lung 

His leg was open for a few days to allow the muscles to swell back down because he has what’s called a floating kneecap.


Liam is in extreme pain, and this is something we definitely did not see happening in our lives. It is very difficult for all of us, but we’re still striving to stay strong through prayer and beliefs.


Unfortunately, Liam just started a new job half way through the month of August.


Liam has been at home for the past two weeks with the external fixator in his leg today on 16 October Liam went in for surgery to remove his external fixator 


With good news that the doctor so happy on how the leg looks so far , Liam is still unable to walk but bad news that the doctors could not do an MRI scan, because the medical aid could not cover.


The external fixator was put there to keep the main artery together so the main artery had time to settle down. We need to get the MRI scan done to be able to see what muscles and ligaments have been torn off in his entire bottom leg so that we will be able to talk about further surgeries moving on.


As we all know hospitals, and especially private hospitals are not the cheapest, and it takes a lot of pride to come out and ask for any donations that will help pay towards the scans Liam is required to get.


It is difficult for me to try and scrap this money together, as we are currently living on the income household of two salaries now down to one 


I ask if you find in your heart that you feel as if you would want to donate anything towards helping us being able to get these scans done. I ask that you please do so. No matter the smoky of the donation, it means the entire world to us 

Donor Messages

Vasby seun Ons is lief vir jou
Good luck with your recovery Liam!
Lara Fagan
Wishing you a full recovery Liam, and keep strong Jade. May the Lord watch over both of you xxx
Liam & Jade, We are keeping you in our prayers during this difficult time.

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