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Dear Sir/Madam


I believe in the human race, but we are immensely flawed. I think that’s what makes us so beautiful.


I’ve been studying since 2017. It’s been a long but fulfilling journey that I look back on with fondness. However, I don’t believe my work here is done just yet. There’s more to be said, and someone has got to say it.


The past few years have been challenging, to say the least; I originally intended to complete my Master’s degree in 2022. However, my step-father passed away from COVID-19 and my mother and I fell into some financial difficulties. It reminded me of my very first final exams as a fresh first-year student. My biological father passed away, and I was forced to write supplementary exams. But I did it. And I keep doing it. And there’s a reason for that; I am dedicated to being a voice of my generation.


We have all seen some devastating tragedies. Loss. Grief. Pain. Chaos. And amongst it all, voices are rising out of the pandemonium; educating, defending, and empowering others. That’s what I want to do. That’s what I’ve been doing. Writing, creating, and empowering. And I want to do more.


I strongly believe that my PhD work can make a real difference. To the outsiders, the others, the broken, the people who need it most. I want to dissect humanity at its roots and find the connecting threads of beauty within the flaws. That’s why I’m applying for my PhD; we are all united in the human condition of pain, and in order to overcome it, we must first understand it.


I intend to complete a PhD in English Literature by creative practice. My proposal is a little unconventional, but I believe that unorthodox ideas are the kind that make a real impact.


Essentially, I am proposing to complete a PhD written in three parts: A collection of poetry, a reflective essay, and a thesis. These three components are linked by several important threads of information; it simultaneously addresses the disappearance of written literature from the 21st Century, assesses social issues and injustices in an empowering manner, and finds beauty within the chaos of humanity.


I truly believe that these elements, working together in parallel, can make an immense literary impact. I hope you will consider my application, and I appreciate the opportunity to apply.

There are very few funding opportunities available for those in the arts, and there really should be. 

University fees are approximately R40k, plus registration and research costs.

I appreciate any and all help!





Jamie Conway


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R 50 000.00

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