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Rise from the ashes Campaign

Dear Friends, Family, AirSofters, Paintballers, Gel-Taggers and to every Client we made smile (or cry) at Reapers Paintball.

I write this letter with Tears in my eyes and a heavy heart today.  As most of you know by now, yesterday 29th January 2024, our field was struck by a devastating fire, that completely obliterated everything on our field.  The damage caused is inconceivable.

We started Reapers Paintball 10 years ago with a dream, humble beginnings and the love and passion for doing what we love.  To see it being burnt to ashes in a matter of hours, was a nightmare that I would not see anyone go through.  Our business was always one of joy, bringing it to others, helping people overcome even for a moment,  the hardship of difficult times.  We have always thrived to put a smile on everyone who walked through our doors. To experience such a dream going up in smoke and not being able to do anything, tore pieces of our soul to shreds.

But….we will rebuild…. We will not lay down and take defeat, like the phoenix, we will rise from ashes. Life has a way of knocking you down to bring you back stronger.

We would like to thank every person for the text, phone calls and Emails we have received regarding this disaster.  They go to our hearts and give us reason and determination to carry on.  In the end, our business and passion would not exist without you all.

The news spread through media yesterday, as fast as the fire and we hope so does our cry for help at this point.  We would like to rebuild, but can not rebuild 10 years in a day.

I am hoping the community can stand with us, help us not loose our business, our dream, our passion.  I am hoping we can bring more smiles, to so many more faces.

Funds raised will help to rebuild the paintball field to its former glory, making it a safe place for players of all ages, colours and communities to come and have fun.


Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

Donations to date

R 2 289.20

Donor Messages

Munition Paintball
Janrik Oberholzer

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Munition Paintball donated R 1 000 via Rise from the ashes
01 Feb 2024 R 1 000
Janrik Oberholzer donated R 500 via Rise from the ashes
30 Jan 2024 R 500
Anonymous donated R 500 via Rise from the ashes
30 Jan 2024 R 500
Botha donated R 100 via Rise from the ashes
30 Jan 2024 R 100
Sharon JARVIS donated US $ 11 via Rise from the ashes
30 Jan 2024 US $ 11