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Good day, my name is Jan van der Walt, my daughters name is Leh Andre Janse van Vuuren.

She was recently diagnosed with AML and bone marrow cancer. She is 31, married and have two lovely boys,9 and 7 years. She lost her work due to the sickness.She went through chemo and are on the road to recovery,but unfortunately she lost her sight and become blind.She can get her work back if her eyes are fixed,but doesn't have medical aid.

The doctors said with a small operation on her eyes she will be able to see again. The funds will be used for the operations only or if someone can sponsor the operation it will mean the world to her.

Her previous employer said if she can see again he will take her back with open arms. I will highly appreciate it if someone can help me to make her see again. Thank you and kind regards.


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