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Need for University Studies Funding Campaign

My name is Jana and I really want to study Electrical and Electronic engineering, but I can't afford it. I am really hardworking and I am one of the top achievers in my grade. One of my parents lost their job a few years ago and aren't able to financially support my studies. It is a four year engineering degree hence the large sum, but any amount if any will help me a great deal.

I want to study engineering because I want to help solve our country's ongoing electricity crisis. I believe there are ways we can impletment nuclear or electromagmetic energy solutions in a sustainable way that will not endanger others. I hope that if everyone in our country stand together we can solve this crisis and build a better economy.

I am a very ambitous and curious person and I want to be a successful engineer someday. I do not want to seem greedy for asking for help , but I really am in need of financial support to the extent that I am willing to swallow my pride. I hope to be an investment to the people willing to donate for my education , so that I can help make the country a better place.

I appreciate everyone on this platforms kindness and I hope to show you that I will not dissapoint you. Thanks to everyone who is willing to help fund my education.


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R 500 000.00

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