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Help Jaydin through his recovery Campaign

This is Jaydin.Loving father to our amazing 1 year old daughter.A good friend and companion.On the 7th of December 2023,Jaydin was involved in a freak accident and suffered terrible electrical burns to his face,neck,feet and legs.He also lost his left arm,nose and 2 toes on his right foot.Jaydin also only has 40% vision in his right eye and has nerve damage to his left eye.He will still need quite a few surgeries to help gain better sight aswell as reconstructive surgery to rebuild his nose.Since the incident Jaydin has been suffering from PTSD,anxiety and depression from a lengthy stay in hospital.Which has also caused him to lose a severe amount of weight.He has since been discharged from the trauma unit at a government hospital and he is trying hard to be positive for the future and what lies ahead.Some days are harder than most.He has lost all his belongings,clothes etc Unfortunately we are struggling financially and he still has a long road to recovery.If I am able to raise funds for Jaydin,it will be used for everything needed for his diet,rent,transport to and from hospital for check ups,visits to a psychologist,clothes and whatever else he may need so that we may help him on this long difficult road to recovery without suffering anymore unnecessary trauma.For himself and all his loved ones going through this with him.It has been a very traumatic experience for all of us.Please help me to make this journey easier on us.Thank you and God Bless.


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R 80 000.00

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R 189.20

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Pray he heals.

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