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A better life for Jarred Campaign

Jade needs to have a working environment where Jarred is near her but when he is asleep in the evening she can teach to be able to cover their living costs each month. Jarred is blind and quite severely autistic, he is also non-verbal most of the time.

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Donor Messages

All the very best with creating Jarrys own little space (:
A big hug for Jared
Katherine O'Dowd
Mandela day 67 can make a difference! Come on everyone - R67.00 can go far if we all add in!
Linda Welsh
Wish you all the best
Wendy & Josh
All the very best for Jarred. Lots of love xx
My mommy and daddy built me my own room to help me with my eyesight and help me learn to do things myself. I am still learning lots in my new room. I know you will love your new space one day. Xx
Robyn Gwilt
Wishing your dream home comes true very soon!
tania whitfield
Hope this helps this beautiful family
With love

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tania whitfield donated R 206 to A better life for Jarred Campaign via A better life for Jarred
16 Jul 2018 R 206