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Jarryd Djumma Smith Medical Cause

Recently Heidi Lee Smith received some terribly sad news; her medical aid would not be covering her son, Jarryd’s, procedure.

To contribute, please select the project below and then the donate button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Love u Djuma!!!
A friend you haven't met
I hope this helps
Sinead & Farhad
You touch all of our lives with your beautiful spirit Djumie.
Daniƫl Otto
Thank you for being such an inspirational young man Jarryd!
Zekhaya Nzima
Heidi "Nzima" Smith (as we call her at home) assisted my Dad, Sam Nzima, with various projects towards his foundation. You've been such a blessing to my parents Heidi! Djumma WILL hear!!!
For djumma
A friend from White River
With much love to the whole Smith family