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Raising funds to cover medical debt Campaign

In the early morning hours of October 29th, when South Africans were celebrating the Springboks‘ 4th Rugby World Cup win, my housekeeper's son Vuyisile got severely beaten up by 6 guys, just meters away from his home. 

Luckily an observant neighbour noticed him lying on the ground, unconscious from the heavy beatings to his head. 

Vuysile was rushed to the nearby Melomed Trauma unit in Tokai, where he remained unconscious for several hours. He was scanned and treated for his bleedings and bruises, which included a very deep cut through his tongue and bad bruising to his face. He was discharged the next day. 

Unfortunately, Vuyisile was not in the slightest fit for being sent home. Delirious from the blows inflicted and the severe pain, he was not being able to recognize his mother, and has had trouble regaining balance. After a few days of rest at home, he was still in severe pain, unable to eat properly due to his cut tongue and bruises to the face.

As his symptoms did not get much better, he was taken to Kingsbury on Friday 3rd November for further treatment to rule out any lasting damage to the brain. Luckily an MRI showed no further signs of damage to the brain and he will eventually make a recovery, but he is still in a state of severe trauma, expressing a lot of anger. Unfortunately Melomed missed to discover that Vuysiles jaw was fractured during the beatings, which explains the immense pain he has been going through. Further treatment will be required and he has been commended to go back to Kingsbury for further examinations of his jaw. 

The costs of all the bills unfortunately will not be covered by the medical aid/ hospital plan and savings have been depleted . Zuki (Vuysiles mom) is now in debt of around approx. R7000 towards the hospital, with more to be expected for the further treatment for the broken jaw as well as trauma counselling to process the horrible experience he has gone through. 

I know Zuki and her kids well and she herself has endured a lot of trauma these past few years (including losing her home to a fire and being beaten up and recently narrowly escaping being stabbed - just to name a few), but I always see her get up again and again and fight for her family, to raise her kids right and afford them an education, day in and day out. She deserves a break. 

I realize, that this is unfortunately the harsh reality for many South Africans out there and this is by all means not an isolated case. 

With this fundraiser, I would just like to help her out a little and take the burden off her shoulders of having this debt weighing her down. 

Vuyisile also has plans to finish his studies at False Bay college and he has enrolled to become a traffic officer (acceptance still pending) - all of his tests for enrollment including drugs, fitness and medical were passed. This incident may have put his aspirations in jeopardy. 

This family deserves a positive boost with all they have been going through. Every cent donated will go towards Vuysiles medical bills and recovery. Anything above and beyond I will make sure Zuki gets some counseling herself to manage with the daily struggles of her life and trauma experienced. 

Sending lots of gratitude for any donation - may it be big or small! 

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May this help a little
All the Best Vuyi - Speedy recovery my friend!

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