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Good day to everyone reading. Before I tell you about my story, let me introduce myself. My name is Jason Haas, I am 15 years old classical pianist, and I have a huge passion for music and art. Last year I was a scholar at the East Rand School of the Arts, and one of my friends who also played an instrument told me that the youth Orchestra she was in needed a pianist, and I took the role, and now I am the pianist of the East Rand Youth Orchestra. Now when I was in the art school, I had only learned how to read music and learned about music theory. I've been playing the piano for 9 years and I only learned how to read music last year, all thanks to my piano teacher Mr J. Manamela. I had to leave the school because the Home Language subject had to be Isizulu or Sepedi, which none of them I could do, and now the only time I get to play piano is at my the school where I rehears with the orchestra and when I go visit my uncle. I am the son of a single mother who is not able to buy me a piano, because if you do not know, pianos are expensive and good pianos are very expensive. So I hope my story really touched your heart that you will please donate, so that I can get a piano and follow my passion as a world class pianist.

Thank you. 


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R 150 000.00

Donations to date

R 13 440.67

Donor Messages

Your talent deserves all the support in the world 💞
Mario Lawrence
All the best young man
You have a God given gift Jason & tremendous Courage. Make your decisions wisely in life, ask for Divine Guidance & you will attain success! BLESSINGS
All the best
Someone with your talent should never be without a piano!!
What an inspiration you are for all of us! Carry on making music for yourself and for a better world.
Good luck Jason! May your dreams come true! Keep working hard and believing in yourself!

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Anonymous donated R 150 via Piano 4 Pianist
22 Feb 2024 R 150
Mario Lawrence donated R 500 via Piano 4 Pianist
20 Feb 2024 R 500
Anonymous donated US $ 11 via Piano 4 Pianist
10 Feb 2024 US $ 11
ML donated R 2 000 via Piano 4 Pianist
10 Feb 2024 R 2 000
MeraaiSePaai donated R 100 via Piano 4 Pianist
10 Feb 2024 R 100