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Help Ease Adele’s Fight Against Cancer

Dear Backabuddy Community,

Imagine for a moment, the deep emotional toll that comes from receiving a cancer diagnosis not once, but twice. Now, layer on top of that the weight of being a pillar for three young souls who look up to you for love, comfort, and guidance. This is Adele Oosterhuis's reality.

A loving wife and mother of two young boys and a darling little girl, Adele at 39 has been the beacon of hope for her family. Their laughter, their innocent questions about life, and their daily adventures have been her strength during her fight against Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). Her first battle with this formidable foe saw her braving surgery and an exhausting bout of chemotherapy. With courage and resilience, Adele completed her treatment in May 2021, hopeful to leave the dark days behind.

Unfortunately, life had other plans. Adele's recent medical reports confirm the recurrence of TNBC. This time, the cancer has viciously spread to her lungs, liver, and bones. While she’s young and fit, the absence of PDL1 means she cannot benefit from immunotherapy, a treatment that has shown significant promise for many. The only viable option is Trodelvy, a medicine that has shown a notable survival advantage compared to other chemotherapeutic agents.

Adele's treatment journey has already placed a financial strain on her family, amounting to over R800,000. With the necessity of the new treatment, this burden is set to grow. But Adele’s primary concern, like that of any mother, is not for herself. It's for her children - their education, their well-being, their future.

This is a heartfelt plea to each and every one of you reading this - your support can make a world of difference to Adele and her family. No contribution is too small; every little bit will go a long way in ensuring Adele gets the best fighting chance against this relentless disease. Let us come together as a community to stand by a mother who wishes for nothing more than to see her children grow.

Your generosity can light up the path of hope and recovery for Adele and ensure that her children have their mother beside them as they navigate the journey of life.

Together, we can make a difference. Please, let's stand by Adele in her fight against cancer.

Donor Messages

Hi Adele , ons gebede is met jou en familie! Bly hoop en bly sterk!
Steven Reynolds
Ons bid saam dat dit God se wil is om ñ wonderwerk te doen - dat jy sal gesond word liefste Adele.
Sophia Mostert
Baie sterkte girl. Onse Pappa is in beheer. ❤️
Lelanie Stuart
"Because we don't kap om....we kap aan" You got this! Elke dag voluit! Gee die lewe horings!
"God is within her, she will not fall" Psalm 46:5❤️

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