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Help Save Milo From Paralysis 60950 Campaign

We rescued Milo in 2017 from the Springs SPCA, and ever since then he has brought a ray of light to my home that I never knew I needed so badly. This gorgeous boy took my life in a direction I never planned, he became a therapy dog in 2018 where he worked in hospitals, frail cares and helped children prepare for court appearances, watching the joy he brought people was the most incredible experience. He loves his toys, loves to explore and loves his Beeno rollie that my furbabies all get at 18:30. He is the emotional support I desperately needed when times were tough, the first one to love me when I cried and give me a cuddle after a difficult day

Last weekend Milo fell from the bed and landed on his back and lost function of one of his back legs, we took him to the vet where they preformed an x-ray and found he had a burst disc in his back. We were then rushed to the specialist hospital and told we will have to go in for a MRI and surgery, where we were quoted R10 000 for the MRI and R20 000 to R35 000 for his surgery. After examination from the specialist vet we were given an inconclusive diagnosis of Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) which we can only confidently diagnose with the MRI, we were told time is of the essence otherwise we would be facing complete paralysis of his back legs and possible neurological damage. IVDD is treatable, once surgery is done he has a 80 - 90% chance of complete recovery
I had just started working again (I now work at an NPO) and had immediately taken out pet insurance earlier in August to ensure all my babies were covered in case of an emergency like this. So I contacted Outsurance, sent through all my claim forms, xrays and medical history to them.
I was on the phone on and off with them for 3 hours, trying to stress that this was urgent, we even had the vet contact them to stress this point, to then be told they are rejecting my claim due to the potential diagnosis of IVDD, as it is viewed as congenital and I would need to wait 12 months before they approve a claim for it. We had both vets state that this injury and potential diganosis was due to the fall and there is no evidence of degeneration in his spine (which I was told would told if there was that would be the ground to reject the claim). I have talked to 2 managers, and multiple people from the call centre and non of them will help. I have already spent nearly R3000 on his vet bills up to this point.
The vet has now told us the only way to keep him safe and stop the progression of his paralysis is to keep him in a small crate, and manage his pain, with a course of 3 pain killers, he is not coping, he is depressed and anxious in his crate, and doesn't understand why he can't run around with his siblings or play with his toys. It is so hard to see him like this, and I wish I could explain to him that this is for his safety but I can't do that, my heart is breaking more and more each day. 
If anyone can help me with my baby, whether it is a donation or even just sharing his story both Milo and I would be so grateful. I desperately want him to life he deserves, all money will go to the vet for his MRI, surgery and any follow up appointments or rehabilitation. 

Donor Messages

Sending lots of love and blessings to you and Milo Jen. You are blessed to have each other - Milo couldn't have wished for a better human than you in his life.
Sorry to hear about this hope this helps get to your goal.
Good luck to your fur baby and may Milo go from strength to strength.
Wishing your dog a successful recovery ❤️‍🩹.
Hoping Milo has a speedy recovery!
May my small contribution help Milo. My heart goes out to you and Milo
I hope your baby recovers soon!
Good luck little milo

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