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Good morning.  I'm praying for help. My name is Jenny.  My husband is in a wheelchair, I have a very bad back. We have two kids that arr looking for a job. It is so difficult at this time as we don't have a stable home. We have to beg people everyday for money for food.  I have almost finished my course to be a  nail technologist, but money was not there. I can't sit up straight for long periods. I can't stand for long periods.  Some days I can hardly walk but I still get up and look after my husband. My kids are staying in a room at this time. We are staying in other place about 15 km away from them. My son and daughter helped me with my husband when they whetr licung with us. Please I'm praying for some help. My husband is now in hospital he had a hart attack.  I would like to get a stable home for us. 


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