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Late Estate Fees Campaign

In the Loving Memory of My Mom and Stepdad,  They are deceaced not even 2 years apart. My Stepdad left a will with all in respect i Inherited a house.  There was some stuff they didnt reached to pay and it al became my debt now i need to sort all the things they had when they were alive. Unfortunatly they left me with all things to pay and i cannot afford to. I need to pay the attorney and get the things sorted out. Please help me to do so as this is alot of money that i dont have. Please people i need help. Please feel free with any amount of help. This is very important for me, this house was left for me and if i pass it will remain for my kids in the future, we grew up in the house. I will pay the people that are resonsible for the house to be transferred into my name and also the attorney fees and the behind monies to certain people. Please people i need your help this is not just for me as a rememberance of them but also a living space for me my family and my kids future.

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