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Run for Animals Campaign

If someone had to approach me last year this time and told me that i would be running the Two Oceans half Marathon i would’ve laughed and just walked away…
Same scenario but telling me that ill be raising money for the SPCA, i would’ve asked how much are we raising and what is the strategy…

In July 2022 i underwent a life changing kidney surgery, my  trauma response has blocked out most of the “bad” memories and all i know is that i was given a second chance to life. Long story short, i got my groove back whilst going through the healing proses. I’ve since then realised that we take só much for granted, especially our health & our ability to move. I went from stitches & staples to steps & setting goals.

I was sick for 4 years of my life before i was saved and given a second chance. 
 The average shelter pup spends 2 years (14 dog years) in a shelter before they are saved and given a second chance to life, if they ever end up to be that lucky. I have a great love for all animals, those who know me would say i love animals more than people. 
Through every kilometer, every blister and every muscle cramp – I want to help the SPCA to continue to care for and help animals. 
To give all animals a second chance in life and save them from their trauma. Therefore, I have set myself a target of raising R1000 for every km, which will go directly to supporting the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s Animal Hospital which is the largest of it’s kind in the Western Cape.

Together, we can be the reason hope is restored.

Thank you,

#run2heal #teamspca #TOM


Fundraising target

R 21 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 145.98

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