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Help Jo get to IFBB World Championships Campaign

Words cannot describe how excited and blessed I feel to have been selected to represent South Africa and get my Protea Colours at the IFBB Fit Model World Championships. 

Having competed in KZN Championships and taking the title of KZN Beach Bikini Champion , I was given the opportunity to compete representing KZN at SA Championships where I took the title of SA Beach Bikini Champion. 
Going into SAs with no expectations, just purely going to show the months of hard work and dedication that was put into this prep and enjoy the experience, never did I expect to have come this far. 
Now to be given the chance to step on an international stage with the best of the best , is an absolute dream come true. The feeling is unexplainable. 

I started this journey in 2017 , competed in my first ever show in 2021 . From there the love for this sport just grew and I spent time off season improving my physique and conditioning to be able to bring the best I could be when I stood on the KZN Championship stage . In which I did - I started my prep in March 2023 , it’s been the toughest and longest prep I’ve ever had to do. There were times I wanted to give up , times I thought I couldn’t go any further but I got through them and I gave my all into this prep and I brought my absolute best . This in itself made me feel like a winner . The hard work and sacrifice was all so worth it. 

I now get the opportunity to keep giving my best and proudly represent South Africa in Lithuania on the 21 October 2023 at the IFBB Fit Model World Championships. 

However to do this of course comes with a lot of expenses which was not planned for and unfortunately I don’t have the funds to outlay before the 30 September . Financial constraints is what’s keeping me from achieving my dream. So I’m reaching out for help . Help me achieve my biggest dream and my biggest accomplishment. Any contribution, big or small is one step closer. 


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