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Hi there,
I'm Jodi, a self-taught individual in the technology industry and the founder of WeGuava, an advertising & tech startup. 
As a resilient colored woman from Retreat, a suburb situated in the Cape Flats, I've never allowed my circumstances to limit me. Over the past 7 years, I've navigated through trials and errors, leading to the bootstrap success of my business with a dedicated team of 5, including upcoming software engineers.
Our upcoming app is set to revolutionize education in South Africa, providing consistent funds for schools and easing the financial burden on parents. We've secured partnerships with several schools and are gearing up for a January 2024 launch.
To achieve our vision and reach the 28,000 schools and 15 million potential parents across South Africa, we need to expand our team. We're looking to hire more sales representatives and invest in impactful marketing campaigns. This venture represents my dream of establishing a tech company that transforms the education sector with cutting-edge technology.
Join us in building a brighter future for Africa and its technology landscape. Your support, whether big or small, will contribute immensely to this endeavor.
Best regards,

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R 6 730 800.00

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I'd love to give more but am a pensioner. May God bless you and your team my girl. You are doing Gods work for these schools. Proud of our young people.

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