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Help johan get a legal laywer urent pls Campaign

For 3 years I have trouble with my neighbor. I live on a plot so his animals just break my fencing and sprayers 
Eventually he said if his animals get hurt on my plot he will shoot me and then he phoned my wife telling her he is gonna shoot her aswell
3 weeks later he just came on my plot with 2 of his people working for u
I told h more than 20 yes to leave my property, he nearly hit my wife with hos bakkie then the driver want to take something under his seat ,I threw his bakkie with a stone a couple times then they went out of my gate and when my mother wanted to close it they wanted to reverse her over. 2days after that the police came to arrest me never read my rights for my the thuersday. They said I stealed the fence and hit my neighbour in the face and still the traumatized us and I have a protection order against them, the legal aid laywer doesn't even knowy story, I need a laywer 


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