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We at any given time have almost 200 - 250 dogs and cats in our Kennels.  Every cent donated no matter how big or small goes towards them.  Help us help them.

Our Inspectors are on duty 24/7 helping abandoned, injured, neglected animals that we as humans have just thrown away.  Chopped off feet, cropped ears with scissors, holes drilled in webbing between toes, these guys have seen almost every type of abuse you do not want to imagine.

By helping any animal in need they need your help.  Catch poles, leads, dart guns, vehicles and petrol cost alot.  These guys are out in drains, manholes and dumps to rescue animals that rely on US to help them, while we are comfy at home or having a good weekend.

Every cent donated will help them do the brilliant job they do on a daily base, not just because its a job, but because its a passion to help animals and to see the utter grattitude in their eyes at the end of the day.  Rescue stories happen everyday, yet we dont always know about them or see them.  But know there is always an SPCA Inspector willing to help those in need.


Donations to date

R 22 750.05

Fundraising target

R 390 000.00

Donor Messages

Sarah Charlton
Strength to you Inspector Ronald
Stephanie Brown
Go Ronald go! Do it for the animals!!
Good Luck Ronald!
Natalie Turner
Good luck and thank you for doing this :)
Gertrud Ebner
Wishing you all the best Ronald with this challenge. Enjoy. May God be with you. "Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits." Anonymous
Lynette Paxton

Good luck Ronald. Go with God.

Wouter Coetzee
So great! Did it last year and it's a massive thing...would be happy to help out with advice on gear/training/etc.
Thank you for all you do - people like you are one of the reasons I am proud to call South Africa home. Good luck for your climb!

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10 Feb 2021 R 106
09 Feb 2021 R 529
21 Jun 2020 R 210
15 Jun 2020 R 210
11 Jun 2020 USD $ 64