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Joburg Wildlife Vet treats only indigenous South-African wildlife. Our focus is on small to medium sized animals and our goal is that after successful treatment that they will be rehabilitated and released. We do not treat domestic animals or pets and none of our patients have owners. All treatment of wildlife is free of charge and we rely solely on the support of our community and corporate sponsors to fund our hospital.

Many people would question why we need another non-profit wildlife organisation: The biggest difference is that we would be treating medium and small wildlife – most of the current NPOs fund conservation efforts that focus on large wildlife i.e. rhino, elephant and lion. Smaller indigenous wildlife is often overlooked. Our hospital will treat, rehabilitate and release these animals. 

Some of the species include: Bats, owls, raptors, mongoose, meerkat, serval, genet, hedgehogs, bush babies, garden birds, water birds and otter – to name but a few. At the moment these injured/compromised animals are taken to the nearest veterinary practice for treatment. Most often the veterinarian on duty does not have the expertise or the time to treat a particular species and many times these animals get inadequate care.

Even our 24 hour veterinary facilities are not equipped to handle wildlife. The few veterinarians that are able to treat wildlife do so almost always on a pro-bono basis. We want a veterinary hospital that only treats wildlife – on a full time basis. All of the currently registered wildlife rehabilitation centres do not have a veterinarian on site.Subsequently every single animal needs to be transported to a suitable veterinary practice for consultation and treatment. This is extremely stressful for any wild animal, not to mention an injured or sick wild patient. The rehabilitation part of our hospital will be run and overseen by a wildlife rehabilitation specialist.


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Desiree Levin
Challenging friends and family to equal or better my humble donation :-)
Stephne Ashworth
Good luck and thank you.
Good luck with this and future projects!
Well done for making a dream a reality.
Natalie Davidoff
Good luck, and I wish you all of the best for the future.
Wesley Beckenham
Keep up the good work guys routing for you from the other side of the pond
Such a worthy cause
Candice Bell
Let us know how close we are to breaking the target amount :)
Michelle vd Heever
Keeping it wild.

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