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Asa young boy I was very reckless and did not care about much regarding my mouth and teeth.

Forward a couple of yeaaars and eventually going homeless. And going from bad to the worst. I felt I needed to get saved and so I went to noupoort Cristian care center for multiple addiction etc. And finding my sober way of life and love again after 27 months I entered back into the real word enclosingmultiple mouth and teeth procedures and getting fake teeth plates. Looking gr8. Got married. Had a fantastic job had a beautiful dauther. And then covid struck lost my job. Struggling 4 years now. again these plates tend to destroy other good teeth and Murphys law had it covid lockdown started money turned close to extinction. And my mouth health and all was put on back burners

Forward three years after many abscesses and broken teeth. Extractions etc I have little to no smile nor confidence left with this mouth being shy cans speak properly.
No one seems to want to use me most probably don't look the part at all there Is no finances for dental work I have no medical aid. My wife and daughter do have a hospital plan. Thank God for od jobs and faith!!!! So today I come putting my pride behind me and extending my arms humbly asking please if anyone can and or are willing to help me on my journey of being a proud man again this Kickstart would definitely help me so much to get back to being the head of my house. And the preacher for his familie.
Thank you so much 
Any Questions at all anytime I'll answer 
Regards JF. MILLS

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