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Jolene Uys New Home Cause

Hello There.Hope you are well.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help. Its my DREAM. And it is just a wall away from me. I've Purchased my first Forever HOME, i'm So blessed to have this opportunity but here a wall between me and the dream.

Over the years i've Worked hard on what i currently have, and i'm so proud what i have accomplish. but here i am, i Need your help. ive Bought my first HOME!! im beyond blessed, but im 10000K ( hundred thousand) sort , and still cant believe im so close to get it. But can you help me the last step? Can You donate ? This will just go directly in the Hands of a Banker/The registered laywer. So i will not have the donations in hand it only goes directly to them. Thats just to make everything easier so that they have everything, and it makes the progress so quickly.

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