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I believe that to work in the music industry requires specialised training and knowledge. Educators and practitioners should focus on how business can affect their art. My PhD research focusses on how running a business creating music will impact the art created. The results of my research shall mean: I would become a doctor of music, assist in learning programmes for working musicians to become more effective, and help musicians earn a living from their music (beside relying on hitting it big as a dream). I would also hope to continue being able to coach, give workshops, encourage further study and consult for a prosperous music industry in Southern Africa.

I was accepted to Wits University and completed my first year of part-time studies for my PhD in 2022. In 2023, and very ironically in terms of my subject matter (surviving as a musician doing business), the economic environment coupled with after effects of the pandemic lockdowns, forced me into a position where completing my studies will not be possible for the next few years. 

I have applied to several bursary and scholarships without success, in part because of disqualification based on my age, gender, population group, area of study and not being a full-time student. 

I would like to appeal for any help with funds to support my studies. The funds can be paid directly to my Wits student account: 0004157E


Fundraising target

R 39 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 675.00

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Go Jon! Good luck with your studies

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