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My Gardner Robert has worked for my family for the last 15 years. During this time he went on to complete his matric and then through his job as a Gardner and a few side hustles he put himself through UNISA and got his LLB with distinction.

He is now doing night school in preparation for his board exams which I'm sure he will pass. He can't find a job at the moment due to not having his own transport hence I'm trying to raise some money for him to put towards getting him a car. He deserves to be more than a Gardener with the qualifications he has.

The only mode of transport he has at the moment is his bicycle but as you may know, this doesn't qualify at the majority of the places he has applied for work.  The reason why he needs the car is he needs to be the ability to drop off and pick up papers from court and from clients. 

He is looking for something simple and cheap which won't cost an arm and a leg to fix if it breaks and can get him from point A to point B. He has two little boys and a very supportive wife. With his salary at the moment, he manages to just get by month to month. He strives to one day give his children the life he never had and to give them the education he knows they deserve. 

He is very dedicated and I know he will be a major success one day if given even the slightest chance. To contribute please select the project below and then select the donate option

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Linda Classens

We only need determination.

never look at now, vision and re-vision the end result while you are preparing for it.

All the best in your journey

Cee Moyo
Best wishes
Paxton Motaung
Hard Work Pays and there are no short cuts in life

Good luck brother!!


Very inspiring, all the best!


Make a difference!



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