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Keep our Youngest Generation Save Campaign Logo

Keep our Youngest Generation Save Campaign

Good Day,
I'm Joshua Caesar,I'm located in the Cape Flats
I have the mindset of changing young pupils life's tremendously
I believe that the kindness you put out into this world always have a way of coming back to you...

We do camps,educational tours as well as field trips on a regular basis for youngsters living in our local communities but we struggle to get sponsorships or funding to obtain our certain goals to reach every youngster living within our surrounding communities.

I am running an Unregistered organization named Explore with JP.
All the funds and sponsorships will go directly towards our goals in what we try to achieve for our youngsters on a daily basis I also believe if parents can't afford to send their children along,that we will be able to accommodate them at no cost and we will provide the necessary payments in exchange for the youth to join us so if you guys as the readers can assist us to help the youth to get out of their situation their experience daily.

The funds can also help us to register Explore with JP...

Please help and assist us


Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

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