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Joshua Reynolds Cancer Cause Logo

Joshua Reynolds Cancer Cause

Joshua Reynolds, a dear friend and loved one of many, is fighting an old foe (cancer) which has come back strongly. We want to 250 friends of Josh's to provide R1,000 each to share our love for him, Phil and his family during this tough time.

To contribute, please select the project below and then the donate button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Lina & Nina
Lots of love and strength from your Kandahar buddies! xx
Big love Josh and Phil, here with you all the way
Big love Josh and Phil, here with you all the way
Love you Josh!
Alex Alisea Sixtus and Elias
Dear Josh we all thinking of you and your family
Joshie, looking forward to many years of seeing you win sadfag in those epic shore breaks.
Ash & family
sending lots of love
Gav & Alicia
Spank it hard Joshie. Sending you lots of love my man. Love Gav & Leesh
Nick von
Thinking of you my friend, beat this thing!