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>Howdy y'all! i am Juan Badenhorst, a security practitioner by trade here in Pretoria. 
>I would love to raise funds for a family member.
>Jean-Pierre (JP) Mostert,    years old- son of my wife's sister in Robertson, Western Cape- i am JP's uncle. 
> Funds need to be raised in order for JP' training. JP currently work for the Correctional Services in Robertson as a warden of sorts - in my opinion a dead-end job with little or no promotion/ monetary rewards. JP looks after his daughter and help out his mom where and when possible. JP loves helping people and making them feel safe when he is around. JP's dream job is to do security on cruise ships and he bravely applied for a position despite critics and naysayers opposition... well, in July 2023 he was officially appointed to work on the Carnival Cruise Line, but first he would need to book for his STCW Course, have his medical check, before he can get a departure date and then to apply for a Visa - all of that is held back because of lack of funds.  
> This is important for me, because JP needs to spread his wings and fly - I love to empower people and see people empowered to achieve their full potential and pay it forward help others in their wake of success. JP is a selfless example of "Paying it forward" he has an open heart and an open hand, but now he needs to be helped.
> Charity start at home "they" say..., but what say "you"? Let us help one another little or much i need you to help out here, let us Pay It Forward. when we help someone to help themselves and others we make a huge positive impact.
> the funds will pay for:
      *STCW course (qualifying-/admissions course)
      *Medical checkup
      *Travel & sustenance costs to attend course and medical
      *Visa application costs


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R 18 500.00

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R 1 000.00

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