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Getting a minibus for transport Campaign

Hi everyone

So this year have been very difficult for us as a family.My husband had 3 heart attacks and 4 light strokes thru this year.He has accute gout that is effecting him badly and for that he can't work.We started with doing transport for kids for an income as the other things I tried is not that of a big income to pay rent and our bakkie fees.

We do struggle as parents doesn't want to transport their kids in a bakkie with a canopy,and we can't sell the bakkie as we still pay it off and we use it to do other means of income like transport or rubbish,steel work and moving people things.

From November up till now we lost a lot of money as parents doesn't pay and took their kids from the transport,but we know when we get a small mini bus then we can transport more kids and pay our rent and everything.

Please will you be so kind to support us with this campaign to get a small mini bus to transport school kids

Thank you so much we appreciate it a lot


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R 100 000.00

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