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Good day, approximately two years ago I met and started dating this wonderful lady by the name of Jacinta Claire Ferrerra from Gauteng Germiston , unfortunately however on Tuesday the 16th January 2024 she had gotten ill and was taken to the doctor the following day(17th), her she had some blood tests done and we went the following day. On the 18th of January we got the call that she needed to be rushed to hospital as it looked like she had kidney failure, so she was taken through to Germiston Hospital (no medical aid), on the 19th I was informed that is was kidney failure and she had to be transferred to Johannesburg General Hospital. After more test it was confirmed that she had complete kidney shutdown. Unfortunately due to the shortage of dialysis she is unable to get it and the waiting list for that is 18 months I plan on getting her on medical aid, but the waiting period for that is 12 months. Transplant is possible but we are not sure how long she has and if she will make it long enough for the transplant. Now 1 of our best only options is to 1 pay an exorbitant amount of money per month or find somewhere we're we can take her. She needs 3 sessions a week but can get away with 2,2 sessions a week at R2000 a session for 52 weeks eqauls R208000 and unfortunately we do not have that type of money. She is only 20 years old and has not even experienced what life has to offer, at this point she might not be able to make her 1st birthday.
Breakdown of cost:
R2000 x 2 = R4000
R4000 x 52 =R208000
This is the minimum required, she needs 3 sessions to live a normal life again but that will be possible after medical aid starts working. 

Reaching this target means her life will be saved and she can have relatively good life. 

Without dialysis her chances of living is possibly less than 6 months. 

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R 208 000.00

Donations to date

R 22 185.50

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Praying that you get the treatment you need. 🙏
Your American Friends
I see we’ve only reached 10% of our goal, so I’m going around again. Love and Blessings, D and A, your American Friends.
Mary Mccahey
Sending love x
Nathalie Barecchia
Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers 🙏🏼 - Team Spino
I pray that you receive a lot of contributions.
Allan Dolman
Chantel Mc Intyre
You in our thoughts and prayers 🙏🏻
Your American Friends
We wish you a speedy recovery. You are in our prayers. D and A.

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Marissa donated R 300 via ESKF
04 Feb 2024 R 300
Your American Friends donated US $ 108 via ESKF
29 Jan 2024 US $ 108
Mary Mccahey donated US $ 266 via ESKF
27 Jan 2024 US $ 266
Nathalie Barecchia donated R 400 via ESKF
27 Jan 2024 R 400
Anonymous donated R 400 via ESKF
26 Jan 2024 R 400