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I am a 42 year old South African currently looking for funding to assist setting up aid. 
Senior Management (Base Camps)
I urge you to consider setting up safe working bases for international aid workers and emergency specialist looking to be on standby and also deliver critical services. I know you have strong foot in Turkey but should look to the Southern access points and NE Africa as possible alternative. 

The trouble in Gaza is unimaginable and the worste to come. If I could get the right support I would go build a camp furnish existing structure to facilitate international aid workers, medical professionals and rescue personnel in a nabouring country or green zone. Catering for foreign support and supplying a base to work from is crucial. With them having access and availability to a base camp to arrive to before and also return to rest is key for aid/ngo specialists to operate from and deliver critical services to people as well as a base linking with their country of origin support. Aid delivery warehousing, transport and distribution is a addition function and run by logistical specialists. Aid will be needed but the preparation to be in a position to deliver aid sometimes difficult. Foreign/international aid organizations will and can help if there is a operational base established. The host country negotiations/approval and location can be difficult but under circumstances can get a green light quickly with works starting immediately and camp hardware sourced installed, with functioning catering,security and logistics within a few weeks.
Consideration for longer term development and safe operating base for foreign aid specialist and larger shipments of aid and possible refugees logistics and housing.I have enough experience in East Africa to be able to execute above. Senior Management (SA to Gaza)I urge you to consider setting up a transport and delivery service for aid from South Africa up to surrounding area near Gaza. It is possible to shift 20ft container or two full of aid across the continent to Northern Africa in a relatively short period of time. From there various options is also available to deliver the critical aid products to NGO's on location near Gaza. Keep in mind East Africa is a fairly. The logistical possibility to move aid fairly easily, timely, safely and consistently is crucial and a lifeline for aid organizations and emergency workers. I would focus support and supply from Africa due to my familiarity with some of the key countries. It is important to have options in delivery process to be able to maneuver and navigate as conditions change keeping in mind that the war might escalate and green zones or routes change. Aid access from Europe and the East will be overwhelmed and restricted. Red Sea SE Egypt and Sudan Coast will be a good base. Various ways to get a container volume of aid up there. Ethiopia and Uganda are good partners. One has availability of shipping into the red sea various ports depending and transfers of marine transportation possible. Boats can still be used further north on different waterways including the Nile River. 
Overlanding is driving trucks from South Africa up north and possibly the fastest and I would be able to set up a easy route with support at borders up to Uganda from there various routes is available and more support laid out on routes to the Red Sea coast. Emergency air aid - Uganda Entebbe is a good base for using aircraft, there are numerous aviation contractors and the UN has a base. Ethiopian airlines and cargo deliveries is also possible. A good logistical base well away from the conflict zone and to a extent a halfway as other specialist logistics and involved aid organizations take it further  is advisable and that shifting aid from EastAfrica. Senior Management (Tents)
I urge you to consider a tent and blanket operation for refugees moving out of Gaza. Big refugee camps is not going to possible shortly and not ideal for many reasons. Tents and blankets to families would be ideal for temporary housing and relocation purposes as they move around developments in green zones and safe havens.

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