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K9 Mantrailing South Africa

About K9 Mantrailing South Africa

K9 Mantrailing South Africa is a non-profit organisation focused on training mantrailing dogs for use in search and rescue work or other incidents involving missing persons. We are committed to sharing knowledge, being transparent and endeavour to work within the parameters of our own and our dogs capabilities. Our goals are as follows:

  • Save Lives;
  • Train mantrailing dogs and handlers;
  • Provide a knowledge base for mantrailing in South Africa
  • Provide K9 mantrailing dogs

What are Mantrailing Dogs

Mantrailing is the Act of a dog following the scent of a human. What differentiates a trailing dog from a tracking dog is that the trailing dog is allowed to follow the scent naturally, rather than being trained in a head down or tracking position. In other words, the dog is taught to follow the scent, but is allowed to do it instinctively rather than mechanically. This approach allows the trailing dog to reliably function in a greater range of terrains, including urban settings that consist totally of asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Why are Mantraling Dogs Needed in South AfricaMantrailing dogs have proven abilities to provide key information when working with missing persons or suspects of crime scenes. They can either indicate the last direction of travel of a missing hiker or indicate that a child was picked up by a vehicle in an abduction case. They can even take scent at a crime scene and be able to identify the suspect. This provides an incredible asset to the crime fighting teams of South Africa.

How To HelpWorking dogs require a lot of time and money to train and service the community. Volunteers are known to contribute over R20k/year to keep a mantrailing dog operational. While professionally training and the placing of a mantrailing dog can cost over R100k. This all comes from frequent training sessions, big appetites for food, training equipment, vet bills, and of course the toys they work so hard for. By supporting K9 Mantrailing South Africa you can help ensure the incredible service these dogs can deliver by donating to our cause


Donations to date

R 3 795.21

Fundraising target

R 60 000.00

Donor Messages

Well done
Rose Eedes
Brilliant - we need this dog!!!
More people should realise the need for these dogs in SA
Brave and worthwhile cause. I salute you.
Always willing to support this initiative
Thank you for your hard work