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Zavion Cancer Fund Campaign

In the tender heart of 5-year-old Zavion, a fierce battle unfolded against Retinoblastoma. On March 26, 2023, his world shifted as his right eye showed discoloration and unrelenting headaches. Rushed to Tygerberg Hospital, Zavion faced unimaginable challenges.

Diagnosis struck like thunder - cancer had spread far behind his innocent eye. On May 18, surgery removed his eye. Zavion's journey is marked by resilience, pain, and a mother's love.

Now, at the crossroads of hope and uncertainty, Zavion and his mom, facing financial strain, need assistance. Your donation sustains Zavion's needs and comforts.

We earnestly plea to our compassionate community. Your contribution is a lifeline for a child in the corridors of struggle. For those unable to donate, your prayers envelop Zavion in a collective embrace of hope.

Thank you for being part of this journey. May God bless each act of kindness.

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Please consider covering the platform fee so more of your donation goes towards our project.


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