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Kai foundation is inspired by children with contagious smiles with hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. We act as an enabler to facilitate a 'better tomorrow" for our children. Our aim and mission is to enhance the capability of children and provide the resources that they need to create a better future for themselves and the societies in which they exist. Our dream is to address the basic needs of children by providing them with:

1. Food - We aim to create food facilities and provide meals in underprivileged schools and communities (We aim to grow school meal schemes in 2019 and increase this year on year)

2. Education - We would like to provide school uniforms, shoes and stationery and in some instances, fees  to children who cannot afford this, so that they can get the education that they need to create their brighter future.

3. Guidance and Mentoring - We would like to partner with corporates to give underprivileged children an opportunity to view the workplace, get a formal mentor and sponsor and create a better future for a child that do not have access to mentorship to grow their knowledge and enhance their capabilities.

4. Counselling and Support - We are reaching out to social workers and other professionals to volunteer in assisting children who require counselling and other forms of support.

Please help us put a smile on a child’s face today and create a brighter future for them tomorrow!

KAI Foundation 

"Kids are Important"

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