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Transgender Pilot Going To Court Campaign

Hi everyone! I am Kailer, a 32 year old pilot from South Africa.

I am transgender.

After operating as a professional pilot for nearly 8 years (instructor, humanitarian aid), my medical has been suspended due to my gender affirmation care. I have disclosed my treatment to the aviation authorities every year on my annual medical for the last 5 years, and have never had faced any issues in attaining my medical certification.

In January 2023, this changed. My medical was suspended, and I had been requested to undergo a series of psychiatric evaluations at my own cost, including an IQ test, despite having no history of psychiatric conditions or any conditions that would prohibit me from safely operating an aircraft, as I have been doing for nearly 2500hrs of flight time.

With no medical, I have been unable to fly and unable to earn a living. This amidst the costs of the psychiatric testing, that despite being all clear, the authorities still insist on further testing and a continued suspension of my medical.

Unable to fight on my own, I've employed a wonderful legal team. Of course, this is only adding to the financial burden of not having an income.

All attempts at reason by the legal team were met with rebuttal, and we are now issuing an urgent application to High Court to rescind the authorities' decision to suspend my medical.

These costs are exorbitant, and amidst it all, the challenge of keeping afloat is becoming crippling.

The funds raised in this campaign will go towards legal fees in arrears, legal fees to come, as well as the court application and all its associated costs. As this is an ongoing case, there is no telling how much it will amount to in the end.

This is a start at fighting back against blatant discrimination, as well as the implementation of protocols and regulations that will prevent this from happening to others in the future.

Please take a moment to watch my video ( and to consider if there is any way you can help, whether by donating or by spreading the campaign and raising awareness where you can.

Thank you so much in advance for any support you can offer!

All the best,

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