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Help Kamohelo Register Campaign

My name is Kamohelo Butshwane, a third-year student at the University of Witwatersrand, studying for a degree in Civil Engineering. I am reaching out for your support to help me clear my historical debt of R103 236,51 that is currently preventing me from registering for the upcoming academic year.

I understand that this is a significant amount, and I am committed to resolving this issue. However, I am unable to do so without external assistance. By raising 50%(R51 618,255) of the outstanding amount, I will be able to sign a historical Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) and initiate a payment plan for the remaining sum.

Your contribution, no matter the size, will be instrumental in helping me continue my education and pursue my passion for engineering. By enabling me to register for the next academic year, you will be supporting my journey towards obtaining a valuable education and a promising future career.

It is essential to note that your donation will not only have a direct impact on my life but will also contribute to the broader goal of improving access to education. By investing in students like me, you are investing in the potential for positive change and innovation in the field of engineering and beyond.

I am committed to working hard, excelling in my studies, and ultimately using my knowledge and skills to make a meaningful contribution to society. With your support, I can overcome this financial obstacle and focus on my academic growth and personal development.

Your generosity will be sincerely appreciated, and I am eager to make the most of the opportunities that your assistance will provide. Thank you for considering my cause, and I hope that you will join me in this journey to remove barriers to education and empower aspiring engineers to reach their full potential.

Kamohelo Butshwane


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R 51 618 255.00

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