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Aid for My daughter treatment Campaign

Dear compassionate souls,

I hope this message finds you in good health. It's with a heart both heavy with concern and hopeful for the future that I reach out to you today. Asking for help isn't easy, and it certainly makes me vulnerable, but when it concerns the well-being of my daughter Neo, my pride takes a back seat.

I am writing to you not in search of thousands or millions, but with a humble request for a contribution as small as 50 cents or $2. These seemingly modest sums can collectively make a significant impact on Neo's journey to recovery.

I am currently fundraising for $93.6K to cover the expenses of Neo's treatment. Her story is one defined by strength and resilience. From the very beginning, she faced the challenges of Sickle Cell Disease, a condition that disrupts normal blood flow due to irregularly shaped blood cells. At just two years old, she battled a stroke and fell into a coma for two and a half weeks. Despite doctors' predictions, Neo not only learned to walk again but also mastered riding a bike. However, her fight is far from over.

While there is hope for Neo's full recovery, the necessary treatment comes at a high cost. Your contributions can be life-changing for her. With your support, Neo can experience the simple joys of walking, riding, and playing without the burden of health complications.

Your generous donations will ensure Neo begins her treatment on time and help cover the remaining hospital bills. I never anticipated finding myself in this situation, a desperate father and a single parent, but life has a way of surprising us. In this challenging journey, I am all she has, and your kindness means the world to us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this plea, for your compassion, and for considering a donation. Your support in any form, big or small, is invaluable and deeply appreciated.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Karabo Ramashala

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