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Help our Eagles Soar Campaign

A year ago our beloved coach Elmarie decided that a sport such as Drummies was worthy of being made available to anyone from any walk of life regardless of financial status in the community. She poured everything she had into creating a team that not only made it to nationals the year it was formed but also walked away with top 3 achievements. 

Since last year we have grown in numbers and our target it to get every one of our 63 students signed up for nationals in 2024. Regardless of whether they can contribute to the costs. Our team is open to any students from 4 years to 80 years. We don't believe anyone should be from doing what they love.

As you can imagine getting a team of 63 from Durban to Johannesburg for the week-long national competition is not cheap.

Currently, our estimated costs are R3300 for each participant which is a massive target. These costs include transport, accommodation and meals. 
There are also some smaller expenses towards uniforms for all 63, and props for each of them as well. 

We are currently in the process of registering as an NPO as none of the funds we get goes to the team coaches. It's all done for the love of the sport. But we want to make our team proud and let them stand tall without the pressure of the financial burden this dream brings. You can get involved, every single Rand will be put to an extremely good cause. Not a cent will be taken by the team management for anything other than the improvement of the team and securing their booking to the national competition in 2024. We want to appeal to the public to find it in their heart to support us, promote equal opportunity for our team and celebrate with us when we make our target.

My name is Kari-anne and I am the team's Fundraising Head. We have numerous fundraising initiatives on the go all year around, each Rand brought in is allocated to our national goal. If we can reach our target our entire team of 63 will be able to attend the national competition. An equal opportunity for each member of our team.


Fundraising target

R 281 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 861.45

Funds raised offline

R 1 861.00

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