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Help get my car running Campaign

Due to unforeseen circumstances my car crashed and involved us going off the road in a situation where it could not have been avoided. This car has my whole heart, I could not afford any insurance because I got a job a bit too late and even though I have a job now I still wouldn't be able to afford the repairs so any and all donations will go into this beloved car and have it up and running would be the best thing in the world. Since the crash I've been depressed and cry every now and then, something I've never experienced before like I'm mounring my car thats how much it has affected me and hoe much this car means to me. We all know how tough it is in SA, everything just gets more expensive by the day, I have a list of parts I need replacing which is basically the wheels and the whole front suspension but it will cost around R20 000 just for it to be running only and thats all I want is to get my car driving so I can get to work and back and just live because I don't want to give up on this car and buy another one. This is my car and I will get it driving again one day but a bit of help would be appreciated


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