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Karla van der Vyver Medical Cause

Karla has SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), a genetic condition that causes the muscles to waist away and the body to be extremely weak.  Karla needs special adaptations to allow her to do things that the rest of us take for granted, simple things like eating soft and easily digestible food, bathing in a special bath chair and using a specially adapted wheelchair providing support to keep her positioned upright.

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Donor Messages

Annette van der Vyver
Jys pragtig en baie geliefd xx
Dave Ogborne
Hoping you reach your target ... Best Wishes
Se├źn op die projek!
Nou gaan jy behoorlik kan offroad saam pa... :-)
Dapper dogtertjie!
Hou moed!
S Venter
Baie sterkte!

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Dave Ogborne donated USD $ 14 to Karla van der Vyver Medical Cause via Accessibility for Karla
13 Oct 2019 USD 14
12 Oct 2019 USD 36
10 Oct 2019 R 514
08 Oct 2019 R 514
08 Oct 2019 R 514