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Eddie Gouws our fighter Campaign

Eddie needs our help to get funding for immunotherapy. Diagnosed in 2021 with stage 3 melanoma which had formed tumors in his lymphnodes he has be fighting the dreaded C since. Melanoma does not always react with chemotherapy so all he has been able to do to this point is surgically remove the tumors and go for radiation treatments. Most recently the cancer has spread to the lymphnodes of the lungs which cannot be surgically removed. He has had radiation treatments which the PET CT scan showed has not been successful. 1 tumor grew while the other shrank minimally. Our only hope is immunotherapy which has shown very promising results in the medical trials. Unfortunately our medical aid does not cover this at all. We have gone through all the funding requisitions and have managed to get the cost down to R82 000 which is still out of our reach bit with your help we hope it will become possible. 
He is a loving father of 2 and the love of my life. The thought of losing him because we cant afford the treatment is killing me. When people ask if there is a price to someone life i now know i can answer there is and its not an easy statement to come to terms with. Please help us keep him around for as many years possible. 


Fundraising target

R 250 000.00

Donations to date

R 109 689.20

Funds raised offline

R 20 000.00

Donor Messages

You got this.
Jeannie Faulds
Thinking of you Eddie.
You’ve got this Eddie, keep fighting we are all behind you!

Praying for God's healing on Eddie's life.

Lizel Rautenbach
Sterkte Eddie, ons bid vir jou en jou familie en dat die Here julle sal dra hierdeur...p
Adrian & Lorna
Thank you for what you've done for us, we wish it could be more. You've got this Eddie!!
Wishing you all the best

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Natisha donated R 200 via Eddie Gouws our fighter
29 Feb 2024 R 200
Robin donated R 200 via Eddie Gouws our fighter
17 Feb 2024 R 200
Jeannie Faulds donated R 1 000 via Eddie Gouws our fighter
23 Jan 2024 R 1 000
Anonymous donated R 3 000 via Eddie Gouws our fighter
28 Dec 2023 R 3 000
Adrian & Lorna donated R 900 via Eddie Gouws our fighter
14 Dec 2023 R 900