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Western Cape Flood Relief Fund Campaign Logo

Western Cape Flood Relief Fund Campaign

Over the last few days, severe weather conditions have rampaged the whole Western Cape area in South Africa and this storm has caused immeasurable damage to thousands and thousands of lives and infrastructure. Lives have been lost, people are still missing, and many have been misplaced due to the flood waters and mud that have swept through their houses.

They have literally lost everything they own. Some had to be picked up by rescue services and when they returned home afterwards, they came back to a pool of mud and rubble. Their houses, and we’re not talking about two-story buildings, we’re talking shacks because that is all they can afford. All their belongings including id documents, birth certificates and wallets, beds, and even some cars have been swept away.

So this is the time when we as fellow citizens of the world have to step up and do what we can financially to make a difference and bring hope to the hopeless.

VirtualResource has set up this Western Cape Flood Relief Fund where you can easily donate towards this cause. We have feet on the ground there already because this is the area where our VRCares charity division usually operates.

We want to start by rebuilding the Kingdom Kids school that was severely damaged during the floods. The building as it is now, is unstable and unsafe for these kids. But that’s not where we want to stop, depending on your financial support, we want to make a much bigger difference to as many people affected as possible.

So please, we ask for you to dig deep - any donation will go al long way to make a lasting impact and bring hope to the hopeless in times like these.

Donor Messages

Martin Z
Vicky Michael
Thank you, keep up the good work VR!
I love this initiative. I honestly hope this money can be put to good use and help these children and families in need
Thank you for taking the initiative to help those in need

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Anonymous donated R 500 via Western Cape Flood Funding
26 Oct 2023 R 500
Martin Z donated US $ 57 via Western Cape Flood Funding
13 Oct 2023 US $ 57
Natalie donated R 500 via Western Cape Flood Funding
12 Oct 2023 R 500
Vicky Michael donated R 1 000 via Western Cape Flood Funding
12 Oct 2023 R 1 000
Anonymous donated US $ 29 via Western Cape Flood Funding
12 Oct 2023 US $ 29