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Help me fund misistry school Campaign

Hey Friends! Hope you are all doing well :)

For those that don't know me … Hi! My name is Kayla-Jane Watson, and I'm from a beautiful town called Jeffreys Bay. I have a passion for photography, surfing, and most importantly, the Lord. This past year has been an incredible journey for me. I had the insane privilege to partake in the Ready Aim Fire media course run by Oxygen Life Church.

Throughout this course, I experienced countless encounters with the Lord and deepened my relationship with Him in ways I could have never imagined. This year has really ignited a passion for serving others and a desire to expand my knowledge of Him.

As the year unfolded, I felt a strong calling from the Lord to embark on a year dedicated to serving and furthering my understanding of His teachings. This calling is something I can't ignore, and it has led me to the decision to enroll in a one-year ministry school called Altitude.

Altitude is a one-year discipleship training program by Oxygen Life Church, crafted to prepare men and women for ministry within the local church. The program integrates theological study, hands-on experience, and focuses on personal growth, leadership development, discipleship, church involvement, and active service, fostering individuals dedicated to advancing the kingdom of God.

Now, while this journey is exciting, it does come with its fair share of challenges. My parents, though fully behind my decision, aren't in a position to lend a hand financially with the costs of the ministry school, accommodation, and daily sustenance. This is where your support could make a world of difference.

I've initiated a Back a Buddy campaign  to connect with those who might be able to lend a hand on this journey. Your help, even if it's just sharing the campaign, would mean the world to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and consider supporting me :)

KJ Watson xx


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