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STOP Hubby Stressing Campaign

Today I come as a loving wife for my 

About just under 2 months ago 

My husband Lourens was diagnosed with
Bladder cancer

Its been a very stressful experience 

Firstly I stay in a small town and we have to 
Travel far to the urologist 

Its about 2.5 hours drive there, and then 
2.5 hours back home again

If my husband have to stay over in hospital 
I have to book a place to sleep

They give him catheter each time they cut 
And burn the affected area. Then he has to wait till the medication has gone through till
The morning, then we can leave

Being off work so much has alot affected 
His salary 

He is the main bread winner

We have 3 daughters 9, 16 and 18

The stress of the cancer and treatment is 

Having stress of money, petrol, hotal costs
Toll fees, is really taking its toll

If I can take that stress away. It will male the recovery more bearable

The treatment is 9 months course

Given through a catether

Side affects is flu like symptoms and fever

If he gets a fever, he has to be admitted to
Hospital again, for days to break it

Stress is driving myself crazy. And mentally 
I cant focus

This would be a huge blessing if i can at 
Least reach 50% of my target


Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

Donations to date

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