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The Keiskamma Trust is a South African not-for-profit organization dedicated to the wholistic care of the communities that live in the area alongside the Keiskamma River in the Eastern Cape. We combine health, art, music, and education initiatives in an integrated fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS, working to restore hope and health to every member of our community. The Trust uses art and heritage/tourism to alleviate the long-standing poverty and unemployment in the communities of Hamburg, Bodium, and Ntilini. 

As part of the Keiskamma Trust, the Keiskamma Art Project began in 2000, founded by the Xhosa community with the help of its first director, artist, and doctor, Dr. Carol Hofmeyr. The Art Project specifically holds the vision of a community-driven and inspired operation that works to develop creative skills in order to empower women and young members of the community with the opportunity of turning inherent talents into real income-generating activities. The Art Project supplies training in identified areas, such as design, craft skills, management skills in coordination, production, finances, computing, that are useful for the running of the Art studio and its shop. 

The Art Project, in particular, is designed to treat unemployment which is at a rate of over 90% in our villages. The Art Project remains the flagship project of the Keiskamma Trust. Today, the Keiskamma Art Project comprises a talented group of developing artists who communicate through their artworks using embroidery, beadwork, felt techniques, ceramics, and wire art. We are famous for our large scale monumental artworks, from the Keiskamma Tapestry, about 200m long, on permanent exhibition at the Houses of Parliament in Cape Town to The Keiskamma Altarpiece which has toured North America and England for two years in the most prestigious cathedrals, such as Washington and Southwark. The work from the Art Project showcases local culture, heritage and environment through alluring textile works, bead, and wire-works which aid in the archiving of the Eastern Cape rural collective memory and preservation of oral history. We have permanent major works in several national and international collections including the University of South Africa and the University of Witwatersrand and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan museum permanent collections. We also make a range of smaller craft items that we readily supply to a number of retail outlets and galleries across South Africa. We are dependent upon this income, as well as relying on smaller commissions and exhibitions to remain sustainable.


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Donor Messages

Mark Turpin

Good luck to everyone involved in this inspiring project.

Susan Winkler
A beautiful project from a beautiful part of the world. Fantastic work and initiative.
Wonderful work. An inspiring project.
Nancy Richards
I am overwhelmed by the love and care that is going into this project. May the spirits stay with you. xx
Not only will it be beautiful, but a historically important piece. x
God bless your wonderful work
God bless your wonderful work
God bless your wonderful work
Good luck

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