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Kelly Steenhuisen Permaculture Site Cause

My name is Kelly Steenhuisen, my partner is Bruce Kaiser. We are 25 and 29, respectively and we live in Byrne Valley, KZN. We are crowdfunding for the deposit and fencing for a piece of land so that we may begin building and planting up a Permaculture site that will feed us and others

To contribute to this cause, please click on the link below...

Donor Messages
Plant a tree for me!!! :)
Thanks for answering all my questions always so cheerfully
Charlotte von Fritschen
Yeah! Good luck
Di Williams
All the best in your endeavours
Lara and Shan

Much love and good luck.

With love!
Jade M
May nature bless you with abundance as you have blessed her with your compassion. Keep preserving the magic in our world!
H. Green

Best of luck!

Lucy and Do

Good luck!

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10 Jul 2020 USD $ 31
10 Jul 2020 USD $ 13
09 Jul 2020 R 105
07 Jul 2020 R 233
06 Jul 2020 USD $ 29